Crossword Puzzles

Crosswords Creator is an app to create crossword puzzles online. Many people use it for school activities, to study and even for leisure. This Website is used even to create declarations of love (read mode below). For what do you use this site for? join our Facebook page and tell us about it!

Crossword Puzzle History

Some historians believe that Crossword puzzles are as ancient as human writing systems. Assyrian cuneiform writing, one of the oldest writing systems in the world, was preserved throughout the ages in clay tablets hardened by fire. Those tablets were arranged in grids, exactly as the modern crossword. Many historians speculate whether those tablets were used only for commerce or if they had an recreational usage.

This puzzle became popular in the XIX century in the US. Starting with monthly almanacs, evolving to magazines and individual publications, this game has become very popular, capturing minds and souls of millions of the American people.

They come in several sizes and formats: diamond-shaped or New York Times Crossword's grid style.

Solving methods

Some people are very meticulous on how they solve Crosswords. Some fill squares in order. Other people fill horizontally and then vertically. Some even start with smaller words and building their way into larger words. But the vast majority live a life of wild abandon: eye-scanning questions and writing letters into squares according to their heart's content. Something we can say for sure is that the more words are solved, the easier it gets to solve the remaining words. Each word you solve provides clues to solve other words because they reveal certain letters of other squares.

Puzzles for declarations of love or friendship?

Among or users there are a lot of creative and affectionate people. They found a lovely way to express their feelings. Love letter or airplane messages? get a clue! Many enamored users have created lovely Crosswords for their significant other. The clues are about endearing details about their couple, like for example:

  • The place where they met
  • Where they had their first date
  • Private nicknames
  • Food they prepare together
  • Special places
  • Important dates

I would be flattered if someone did such a gesture to me. I think that that's even cooler then being give a store bought gift. So what do you think? surprise your lover on this Valentine's day.

Crosswords develop the mind and human cognition

Crossword puzzles may help keep the brain sharp. People of all ages that solve puzzles learn about several topics like chemistry, history and geology. Furthermore, they improve their attention span and learning capabilities.

We develop our body with physical exercise. The brain is part of the body. Crosswords are a great way to exercise certain parts of the brain tha deal with languages processing and abstract reasoning. Furthermore, some researcher believe that people that solve Crossword puzzles have an easier time learning foreign languages.